For celestial enthusiasts and avid stargazers, visiting other planets may well be just beyond reach, but viewing them certainly isn’t.

Learn about the galaxies, nebula, clusters and supernova remnants, and see the treasures of the night sky – then turn your attention to the rocks beneath your feet.

Alila Jabal Akhdar offers some of the clearest nighttime views of the stars, moon and planets, making it a paradise for celestial enthusiasts and avid stargazers. You will also be shown how to set up a telescope correctly before peeking through the lens and then photographing some of these magnificent sights. 

Daytime Solar Viewing

See the sun like never before with solar viewing on the sundeck, where you can safely observe the sun through a special solar telescope as our resident astronomer answers all your cosmic questions!

Night Sky Telescope Tours

From Islamic scholars to astronauts, learn about ancient stories of the night sky, the different constellations, and how people have found their way in the universe. Spend time with your astral guide observing the moon, planets, stars and galaxies through a telescope. Ask questions about the big bang, cosmic dark matter and time travel. Come on a journey through the evolution of our universe as we tell a story with the sky above us. Bring along your SLR camera to learn how to capture amazing images of the beautiful Jabal Akhdar night sky.

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