Shop Alila

Shop Alila

Alila Hotels & Resorts’ signature store, Shop Alila, now offers guests the ability to upgrade (or integrate a few more items into) their summer beauty regimen with Alila Living products that combat sun damage, and others that simply get your glow on and help you breeze through these stifling months.

Freshly made in Bali using only the highest quality ingredients and extracts, these natural and chemical-free beauty essentials are this season’s must-haves for a beauty overhaul.

Shop Alila also offers a range of fashion and home décor items to add a splash of seasonal flair with brands including Samah, Patricia Rox, Naima and Asmaa Collections, Start Blue and Hamam Soil.

All products are available for purchase at the Alila Shop located at Alila Jabal Akdhar




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